Making the decision to get into the dating business comes with a price. The price is directly related to your experience in web business and your time. For example if you have a background in web coding or online business you’ll definitely have an advantage. If you don’t have experience then you better learn or hire someone.

Those are your options because either way it ain’t cheap. You’ll need to invest your time or your money. I’ve written articles where I’ll walk you through How to Build Your Own Online Dating Business and How To Build Your Own Dating Website Using WordPress. I wrote these articles to provide tips and resources to get you going. If you are comfortable doing it yourself you’ll have a starting point.

Doing it yourself is very doable, but don’t be cheap. Have clear objectives in place before buying the cheapest template and paying $15 for your logo. If the logo doesn’t work with your concept, if the template doesn’t have all the features you need then it’s not going to work.

In 2013 consumers spent 2.2 billion dollars to find a mate. There is plenty  of room for small niche markets to have their share of this industry. Having a clear plan and objectives is vital so your money is spent on what’s important to grow your business.

Your biggest investments of time and money should be:

  • Branding
  • Learning your maket
  • Technology
  • Mobile Development

Times have changed from when I built my first dating website. When you could build a site and easily grow your member base with little to no marketing no strong brand presence and mobile just wasn’t necessary. Now when you build a dating website you have to consider these things if you want to realize success.

The online dating industry is not a fast lane to riches; but it can be very profitable if you can put in the work and be willing to spend some cash to get things done.

What have you spent the most money on getting started? What areas are the most challenging for you to get done? Share in the comments section.


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