Coming up with the next best idea in the online dating world can be expensive. If you idea taps into an emotional need  or desire you could attract a crowd of early members and followers interested in giving you cash to get it started.

This is called Crowdfunding. You may have heard of it or maybe you haven’t. Such products like the home 3D printer got it’s start from crowd funding. Projects can raise thousand to millions of dollars by promoting their idea to people that want to be a part start up companies and breakthrough products.

From my experience the projects that do the best on these sites that have a human interest story or solve a huge problem or are just simply super cool.


Getting started at Crowdfunding requires a few important steps. Here are a few of the best articles around the Internet that outlines the process and best practices of crowd funding.

  1. Before You Launch Your Crowdfunding Campaign, Read This
  2. 12 Things To Help Your Write Crowdfuding Campaign
  3. What is Crowdfunding FAQs
  4. 5 Ideas To Market Your Crowdfunding Campaign

I also did some searching and found a few dating and matchmaking companies seeking backers for their ideas. Check them out here.

  2. Settle For Love
  3. Spark The Chase
  4. Match Makers Cafe

The top Crowd Funding platforms include:

  1. KickStarter
  2. Indegogo
  3. GoFundMe


Have you thought about crowdfunding your match making or online dating business idea? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments area.

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