Your dating site is up and running and you’re looking for a way to get more traffic and grow your members. What’s a dating site without people to date right? Let’s talk about affiliate programs and what it takes to get one setup for your online dating business.

Having your own affiliate program can make a huge impact on your website traffic and your ability to get new members to sign up. Affiliates are like your own personal sales team out there sending traffic to your website. This traffic is usually interested in your Niche dating site and could be potential new members.

If you aren’t familiar with affiliate programs I’ll explain.

An affiliate program is when you offer a percentage of your sale to anyone that sends a new user to your website that joins.

Essential it’s a referral type of system that you setup and decide how much of a percentage your want to share for anyone that refers new members to your website.

There are serious affiliate marketers out there that are always seeking a new way to make money online. With an affiliate program in place you offer an opportunity to make money and offer an incentive to get others to help you sell.

Setting up an affiliate program and letting other people send you new members,  could make growing your dating site easier and faster if executed correctly.

Deciding to establish an affiliate program means setting up software that will track and manage your affiliates and the traffic they send to your website and monitor traffic that turns into new members.

Choosing an affiliate software depends on the  type of dating website you have in place. You may want to check with your dating software company to see if they offer a plugin that would handle your affiliate program.

Below i’ve outlined a few software programs that I know work with a variety of dating site platforms including WordPress, SkaDate and custom built sites.

Affiliate software is used to help you manage every aspect of your affiliate program should include these features:

  • Registering new affiliates
  • Keeping track of how much traffic each affiliate sends to your website
  • How many new members signup as a result of the traffic they sent
  • How much they have earned in commissions from sending you new members
  • How to pay your affiliates
  • Monitor what websites your affiliates links are on (see where traffic is coming from)
  • Manage affiliate accounts accept/ review/ delete affiliate accounts

Having affiliate software makes these task automated and easy to maintain.

One of the dating software systems I recommend is SkaDate; it’s an all inclusive web based dating system that also has an affiliate program plugin add-on for just $25; just another reason why I highly suggest using online dating software to start your online dating business.

There are other options if you are not using SkaDate. If your website is custom built; check with your developer first  to learn about the cost involved with them adding an an affiliate program to your dating site.

There are also a ton of web based affiliate apps that are plug and play ready to go. You can signup and link your site up and launch your affiliate program pretty quickly.

Here are some of the 3rd party affiliate software tools I recommend if you want to Do-It-Yourself:

  1. Tapaffiliate ($29 / mo) (Works with WordPress and SkaDate)
  2. Post Affiliate Pro ($29/ mo)
  3. WP Affiliate ($49/ one time) – Only for WordPress Sites

These software programs are all equipped with the features you’ll need to run a successful automated affiliate program. Your only job would be to make the payments to your affiliate that are sending you tons of new members.

If you are not into DIY then you may want to consider working with and Affiliate Marketing Network

These affiliate networks provide the service of handling your affiliate relationships and payouts. They provide your affiliates with the means to join your affiliate program and access your creative materials like banners and promo graphics.

They’ll monitor all of your affiliate activity and make payments to your affiliates. There is a cost for this service; but definitely frees your time for other task.

Getting started usually requires a setup fee of some sorts and an initial deposit to pay your affiliates. One of the biggest advantages of working with an affiliate network is that your dating site is now in their database of other websites that have affiliate programs.

Most major affiliate marketers join affiliate networks because they can browse tons of affiliate programs that they can choose to work with.

If you are setting up your own affiliate program it’s up to you to get the word out about your affiliate program. Working with an Affiliate Network immediately puts you in from of affiliate marketers looking for new opportunities.

Check out these Affiliate Marketing Networks

  1. Commission Junction (Varies)
  2. Share a Sale ($750 to start)
  3. ClixGalore (As low as $75 to start)

If you are looking for ways to increase traffic and boost your sites membership setting up an affiliate program is a great start. Your ultimate goals should be more than getting more traffic and more members.

Your dating website was built to bring people together. Think of your affiliate program as your own tribe. Provide all of the tools and resources your tribe needs to spread the word about your amazing online community.

Take the first step. Review the affiliate options outlined here and decide which is best for you. If you have any questions please post a comment.

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