Writing content for your website is a lot of work; it’s hard enough to come up with topics to write about. I’ve built several blogs that I don’t have to write for. To attract writers it’s about building a community of writers with a common interest and clear objects.

What I’ve found from my years in building websites and online communities; is that everyone wants to be a part of something. Believe it or not most people are good and really just want to help and have a purpose.

With this philosophy in mind think about what you want your writers to write about and get ready to start your search. You only want to find  writers that have an interest in your topic and are interested in working with a team of bloggers.

I use a websites to find writers/ bloggers:

  1. Barefootstudents.com (Not Free but worth the money)
  2. Craigslist (Free)
  3. Backpages (Free)

All of these sites allow you to post classifieds listings with your job descriptions. I get the best results from Barefootstudents because there site is just for students looking for jobs and internship opportunities. Most students are willing to work to gain experience and build a portfolio of work.

If you do choose to use craigslist or backpages consider their paid to post job pages. These pages are used by people seriously looking for good writing opportunities.

One you sign up on Barefootstudents or any of the other sites you’ll post a job. Here is an example of an email that I use for one of my dating sites it works every time. I’ve adjusted this job post for all kinds of writers.

The key is to make sure you post hits these marks:

  • You are asking people to join a team of writers
  • Have your website online and active include a link
  • Make sure you include the benefits; developing your blogging skills, team building skills etc.
  • Let them know you will credit them for the work
  • Make sure you mention that it’s a flexible position on their schedule

——– example letter ———-


We’re [Name of Site]

We provide fun date ideas, relationship stories, advice,  and  resources for singles looking to have a good time in their city.

Our website brings together a team of talented writers and bloggers sharing their insights and experience with our audience. We are currently looking for fresh new bloggers excited about building their personal brand and identity.

Being part of our team means you’ll become familiar with the following:
– Developing general blogging skills, from article topic inception to article publication
– Developing engaing content specific to the lifestyle industry, focused on dating and relationships
– Reference-based outreach (contacting brands and industry professionals)
– Developing and strengthening team and group publication and collaboration skills

**** Joining our team gives you access to our blogging platform and as a writer you’ll receive credit for all your work

This opportunity is unpaid and for you to gain experience and credibility. As a member of our bloggers team you’ll always be credited for your work . This is an ongoing opportunity part-time opportunity that works with your schedule

Online/Remote. You should have reliable access to the Internet.

Please send your resume,  along with a short answer to why you would love to join our team of bloggers, ; also any links to you blog, or youtube is helpful

We look forward to meeting you!
Check out our website  to learn more about us

——-end example letter———

Once you start to get applications all communication is done via email. All of the bloggers that you choose to work with will join your email list and you’ll email them topics to write about weekly. I usually do a brief email interview getting their availability and information to use in the author area of their blog post. Whatever you promise make sure you deliver. Setup their access to your WordPress site or if you prefer for them to just email you their post that’s fine too. Make sure you are giving credit to their post and email them a link when their post are published.

Finally here are a few tips more tips to help you get the best results.

  • Make sure you post your jobs in different cities. The most cities you post to the better results. It’s ok to make it specific to that city to maximize responses.
  • Include images that are relevant to your site
  • Make your post official; include a link to your site
  • Use an email address that matches your .com for credibility

Finding writers to write for you will save you alot of time and help you create content that draws traffic. Keep in mind that your job once you recruit your writers is to make sure they know what to write about.

Good Luck and share your results or questions in the comments section.

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