SkaDate has released a small update 11.3. Although this is  a minor update I wanted to highlight a few fixes and revisions that I feel are important. Their full changelog has been published here if you’re interested in checking it out.

Moving right along…

ALT HTML Attribute For Profile Avatars

This improvement that is key and great for SEO. While you’ll get mixed reviews on the importance of ALT tags and other HTML tags. When it comes to SEO I don’t take anything for granted. If you have the options to beef up your profile images with ALT tags, why not use it? It’s another way to perhaps boost your SEO efforts. ALT images are important when it comes to usability as well. So take advantage of this add on and possibly help index your images better on Google.

Note: ATL image attribute added to pretty much all avatar images including thumbnails and widgets on all page views. Use them!

New Blocked Users List

Another handy improvement that declutters and is more organized is this new blocked users list. No longer are blocked users clumped in with your active users. This handy list keeps this nice and tidy and makes admin task easier.

If you are still growing you member base you may not realize the importance of this improvement but as your membership grows you’ll appreciate having blocked members separate from the general population.

Note: This improvement is available on all platforms including mobile

These are the major updates for this release. There is an up to date demo you can check out here on SkaDate

SkateDate is still the most complete online dating platform. You can read my full review of the software overall here


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