If you’re starting a new dating website from zero, it could be very tempting to purchase profiles. I’m sure you’re thinking, “who would want to join a dating site with no one to date”. You aren’t wrong for thinking that way. If you could purchase super amazing daters that would fit in perfectly with your online dating concept that would be ideal. But trust me, in most cases you’ll be purchasing stale dating profiles that have been used a abused.

So instead try these tips to attract daters and build your membership base organically.

Pre-Launch Your Site

Essentially you’ll be accepting new daters before you actually launch your site. This method works very well for small niche groups and local dating website categories. It works because most times a niche dating site has a loyal community behind it. For example yoga lovers or comic book collectors. Theses types of groups would pre-register to get early access to singles that share similar interest. To make it even more interesting; offer them a lifetime membership. YES lifetime..hopefully they won’t need it because they’ll meet their true match. However attaching an offer like this to your pre-launch will create a buzz and allow you to have daters signed up and ready to go the day you launch.

Offer  Free Membership

This way really works and it works fast. For most of the sites that I’ve built I’ve gone this route. My number one priority is always to have quality users and maintain steady growth. Offering a free membership in the beginning is a fast way to get daters to sign up because there is no risk involved. The challenge with this method is keeping your members engaged as you grow. You’ll want to send out regular email communications with valuable content and be very active on social media to make sure your daters don’t forget about you.

Pay For Advertising 

Money talks and in this case if you have the cash to invest put it in marketing and advertising your website. If you are experienced in marketing you definitely need to hire someone or a marketing company. There are so many methods to advertise your dating website including social media, search engine marketing, email, banner ads. Get creative take advantage of local advertising opportunities to promote your website as well. If you don’t have the cash for marketing raise the money or find an investor. If your dating site concept is fresh, with the right advertising you can grow your membership base quickly with a healthy marketing budget.

If you’ve been thinking about buying profiles to start your dating website; think again. These methods will make sure you are growing your dating website with real members that have an real interest in your site.

Hopefully these tips get you to your first member and beyond.

Have you purchased profiles for your dating website or did you build your site organically? Post your answer or any other questions in the comments area.

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  1. Sonya Hall

    I am building my online dating website organically. Professionalpeoplemeet.net has been up for about 6 weeks and have almost 1k members so far.

    • dating

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing would love an update. Organically is always the best way 🙂


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